Privacy Policy:

Any users who want to enjoy the services of must accept the privacy policy of this website. 

Any person who wants to use our services needs to sign-up on our website. For this, they need to provide personal information. However, if they just want to read reviews, then they do not need to give their personal information. They can freely browse our website. We only save that personal information that users provide us voluntarily.

Reason to collect information

We collect the personal information of the users to enhance our service. We do not use their personal information for our benefit. Likewise, we collect and use the information for purposes like making deliveries, sending the newsletter, giving information about the latest offers, collecting testimonials and more.

How we protect information?

We put the privacy of our users at the utmost importance. Therefore, we protect our database with the best security system. Moreover, we use multiple security with passwords and encryption.

Advertisement links

Our website contains various advertisement links. We advise clicking those links at your own risk. Once the users go out of our website, we are not responsible for any loss of these users due to any third-party servers or sites.